What I'm Up To Now

After a peaceful holiday season on the island of Fuerteventura, I returned to London with a deep desire to maintain the creative discipline I've slowly built over the last year.

Using a spirit of gentleness, I've been experimenting with methods to weave new habits and behaviours into my daily routine. I'm inspired by the calm energy of kaizen — making small, continuous changes over time.

Early this month, I kicked off my new project, 52 Ways to Be Creative. I dropped into a life drawing class, then took a turn building a terrarium with the Botanical Boys of East London.


I recently launched my corporate and 1 to 1 coaching programs after mentoring and guiding creatives at all stages of their careers. 

I currently have 3 spaces available for coaching clients starting this month. Book a free 25 minute consultation.

Contact me if you’d like to find out more.


Registration is open for my online course, Build a Creative Routine You’ll Love. The course is designed to help you find your rhythm, establish a routine, and accomplish your creative goals.



I’m working a series of paintings that draw from my memories of landscapes of the American West. This idea was in part inspired by my interest in science fiction, and its history of imagining alternate planets. A few of the paintings are here.

I’m currently sorting through my archive of sketches and works on paper, and sharing some of my favourites to my online sketchbook.


I started a daily practice in 2018 while completing The Artist’s Way. My daily practice includes:

  • Writing The Morning Pages
  • Working in my Sketchbook in watercolour, acrylic, or pencil
  • A morning hypnotherapy session using this app
  • Sharing something to Instagram (either a story or post, or a message to a friend)

I keep this page updated with an overview of what I’m working on at the moment. To receive the occasional update from me, sign up for my newsletter.