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Creativity Reading List

In this post, I share some of my favourite books on creativity. To see an extended list of recommendations on art, creative business, coaching, and more, view my Reading List. To feed my interest in creativity, I’ve been committing some serious tsundoku (積ん読), buying books and letting them pile up unread on shelves, on floors, and on tables around my flat. As I work my way through the growing stacks, I’ll share a few of my favourites. 

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Creativity Grows Up

As an artist and educator, I have a special interest in creativity and its relationship to contemporary technology and design practice. Growing up, I always found myself surrounded by highly creative people. Some of it was luck and circumstance, but much of it was due to identifying art and design as a window to explore the world around me.

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Florence, South of the River

When I lived in Florence, my apartment was in the Oltrarno neighbourhood, south of the Arno River. Although a day trip to Florence can easily keep you in the city’s busy tourist centre in the north, it’s worth the walk across one of the cities historic bridges. I’d recommend at least a half-day to explore the area, although you could easily fill a day at a relaxed pace.

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