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How I Got Unstuck

The past eight months have been an exhilarating time for me, and I feel more connected than ever to my life’s dual-purpose of sharing my creativity and helping others to tap into their own creative potential. This comes after a period of feeling extremely stuck. Like, waist-deep in swampland stuck. Like, ‘is my life ever gonna change or should I just accept this is it?’ stuck.

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It's Not About Good Angels and Bad Angels

Sometimes I wonder if making the sensible choice is always so sensible after all. I’ve been thinking a little bit about sensibility and being sensible. I am now in week 6 of The Artist’s Way. Week 6 is about recovering a sense of abundance — a little bit about money and where we put our energy and all that stuff. In the book, the author says, “Creativity is not and never has been sensible. Why should it be? Why should you be? Do you still think there’s some moral virtue in being martyred? If you want to make some art, make some art.” 

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