The Training Mindset and Asking For Help

Today I talk a bit about swapping out the hustle for going into training.

I always like to make little coffee before I start recording. I typically record in the morning. It’s nice to sit here and look at the little cappuccino that I made myself. 

So, I woke up this morning and I had this feeling like I need to build a bridge. This feeling that I have been trying to cross over to the other side where I feel really empowered. And instead of thinking smart, maybe I’ve been working a little stupid. Nah, not stupid, maybe hard. No, maybe stupid. Maybe stupid. Working hard in a way where it makes it difficult for me to get the results that I want. 

I think some of that comes from historic feelings of needing to struggle to achieve. Sometimes that has been true. But maybe struggle isn’t the right word. Sometimes I think about sports analogies. Those are helpful because they are so visual and visceral and I think it’s easy for people to tap into them. There’s also something very aspirational about sports and sports metaphors.

I think back to when I was in high school, I had this really great field hockey coach, Mrs Day. She was a real motivator. She had this spirit that was just contagious. She would push us, but it felt good. It didn’t feel like a struggle. I guess that’s the difference. If you’re training it can hurt, but it’s not a struggle. Mentally it feels different.

I think right now in the world of work, in the world of start-ups, in the world of tech that I’ve emerged from, there’s this mindset of the struggle and hustle, and for me, they haven’t felt good. The hustle feels like it’s never going to end. It doesn’t feel like I’m in a loop of nourishing myself and putting that nourishment into making better work. I think that’s the difference. I am trying to move away from that mindset. Instead of the struggle and the hustle, I want to be in training. 

This is new … it’s not really new, but me trying to articulate it is new, and maybe that’s why I’m having trouble saying it really clearly. 

When I woke up, I said, build a bridge, and then I had another feeling which is I want to get better at asking for help. Sometimes I ask for help, but I think when I do it, I sometimes as the wrong people may be, or I ask for the wrong thing, possibly. I do think I am looking for something a little more.

I think there is a little bit about the back and forth between putting things out into the world and getting things back. And asking for things, and receiving. Sharing. Giving. All that stuff. 

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