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Dealing With Self-Doubt

On a walk home the other day, I ended up feeling the first signs of what I thought might be imposter syndrome. I chat about what it felt like, and how I moved into and through it. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about imposter syndrome. A few weeks ago, I was walking home and I started to feel a little bit of anxiety and a lot of self-doubt. And I thought that I was experiencing imposter syndrome. It’s possible that’s what it was. Although as I sit here, I’m not totally sure. But I can say, it was the closest to imposter syndrome that I’ve ever experienced, I think. Prior to this, for the most part when...

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Nurturing Creative Expression

I talk about sharing art to Instagram, connecting with old friends, and seeking out places where I can express my creativity. Like yesterday, I’m having a little trouble getting started because I keep starting, and then stopping, and starting and stopping.  I’m starting to share more art related stuff to my Instagram account, which has been really cool. It’s been nice because friends of mine that knew me as someone who makes art years ago are kind of popping up and saying “oh, it’s nice to see you making art” and “I miss you”, and all this good stuff. So, in lots of ways, it’s reconnecting me with people I haven’t spoken to in a while. But it’s making me...

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