Nurturing Creative Expression

I talk about sharing art to Instagram, connecting with old friends, and seeking out places where I can express my creativity.

Like yesterday, I’m having a little trouble getting started because I keep starting, and then stopping, and starting and stopping. 

I’m starting to share more art related stuff to my Instagram account, which has been really cool. It’s been nice because friends of mine that knew me as someone who makes art years ago are kind of popping up and saying “oh, it’s nice to see you making art” and “I miss you”, and all this good stuff. So, in lots of ways, it’s reconnecting me with people I haven’t spoken to in a while. But it’s making me think about sharing in general. At the same time I’m thinking a little bit about artists and respect, and making art and self-respect, and self-judgement, and thinking about ways that I can continue to shed some self-judgement that I have had around my own experience being an artist and wanting to make art. 

I think part of it is just about artists and respect in general, and this kind of echo that goes between the individual artist and their struggle to do the work that they want to do out in the world. Or do in their studio, and then put it out into the world. And then the message that the world sends back to people that make art. 

There have been times in my life for sure that I have felt like people have looked down on me a little bit because I did want to pursue art. Sometimes, it seems like are structures in place that don’t always nurture the talent that people have. And then also nurture people in expressing themselves even if the talent isn’t obvious. In a way its not really about talent actually at all. It’s just about respecting anyone that wants to make something that they feel is valuable. 

And so, some of the structures that we have in place to help facilitate that for sure. Sometimes families are really wonderful, and the schools are fantastic, and workplaces are generous, but sometimes they’re not. So, it can be really challenging to enter into spaces where creativity is not really nurtured. 

So, I guess part of what I want to do is spend more time putting myself into situations where I feel as though my expression and my talent, and my interests and my passions are nurtured. And also where I can really actively make space for people to nurture their own desires, and passions, and talents.