My Bali Rules (Good Ideas for an Artist's Life)

I've landed in Bali, Indonesia. I'll be here for the next few weeks, working on my art, doing some writing, and relaunching my course — Build a Creative Routine You'll Love.

Ubud (where I'll be based for the first two weeks) is filled with a buzzing and spirited energy. The main streets of the town cut from north to south and are filled with scooters and pedestrians making their way between the hotels and bars. Walking the streets has been the perfect opportunity to practice staying in the moment. To cross the street takes a massive commitment to mindfulness to avoid getting run over by a scooter or taxi.

I've joined Hubud, a co-working space located in the south of the town overlooking the Monkey Forest. I've already set up my portable studio back at the villa where I'm staying, and I plan to use the co-working space for art admin. At Hubud, I'm meeting other travelling workers from around the world, updating my website to list new products in my shop, and doing a bit of writing.

Six days into my time in Bali, and I can feel my body settling into the experience. I'm slowly letting go of worry and practising staying in the moment. To support my mindful month of working from this beautiful island, I've put together a few rules for the month and I thought I'd share them here.

My Bali Rules
(Good Ideas for an Artist's Life)

1. Appreciate how lucky I am each day

2. Embrace independence 

3. Welcome supportive and encouraging energy

4. Limit exposure to triggering news and delete distracting apps from my phone

5. Focus on cultivating my paintings skills

I'm looking forward to my month here on this magical island, and I look forward to sharing little moments on my blog. To see my work in progress and a few travel snaps, find me on Instagram.