Ask Me Anything — Productivity, How to Relax, and Good Vibrations

The other day I was working from home and did a little ask-me-anything on my Instagram stories. I received some excellent questions, so I thought I share them here, too.

Q: How do you stay productive?

The way I see it, there are a few different aspects of productivity.

  • Doing the important stuff
  • Keeping track of what I’m working on
  • Connecting with a support circle
  • Self-care

This is how I do each:

Doing the important stuff

To make sure I’m working on the important stuff each day, I ask if what I’m doing is key to my mission — either building my own creativity through making art or supporting people with theirs through coaching and courses.

If yes, do it.

If no, pass.

Keeping track of what I’m working on

For keeping track of what I’m working on, I use digital and old-school methods.

Daily, I use hand-written lists to keep track of my most important tasks.

For big picture things, I use Trello or massive rolls of paper.

Connecting with a support circle

I meet weekly with two other creators at our co-working space at Ustwo Adventure. Dan and Josh are both super-multi-talented and into music and technology and so many things. They are true multi-hyphen creatives. We cheer each other on, and discuss the challenges we’re facing at the moment.


To stay in the best shape emotionally and physically is so important. These days, I see a lot of people wear themselves ragged, then wonder why their work is suffering. Putting my well-being first means I sleep when I’m tired and I eat well. No skipping meals and lots of fruit, veggies, and protein. Basic, but important.

This gives me a solid foundation to do my work. Of course, I get tired. I get stressed, and I worry about lots of things. I’ve learned that if I take care of my body and mind, I bounce back and push through the tough moments with grace and determination.

I also do hypnotherapy daily in the morning and remember to chill out on the weekends.

Q: How do you reset and relax?

I love a good beach holiday. Like most people, I love planning holidays and seeing new places. I always return so inspired with a renewed spirit.

I’ve learned that all work and no play makes my work (and other parts of my life) suffer. I like to take mini-breaks throughout the day, then plan a few big trips during the year.

This afternoon, the sun was out, so I went for a walk around my neighbourhood and took photos of trees and pretty plants. I’ve always found photography to be meditative. It’s been a life-long hobby.

Q: What makes you vibrate?

This question reminded me of going dancing. I like to go out all night and stay up to watch the sunrise a few times a year.